Insomnia                                    Come to me now
                                    While it is dark and
                                    Most of my world
                                    Rests, snores, breaths deeply,
                                    Turns slowly. 

                                    Come while
                                    Water is quiet,
                                    Air is still.

                                    Come now while time ticks mercilessly
                                    Towards dawn and work,
                                    Sleep come now!

                                                                        Cerita M. Hewett
                                                                        March 7, 1997
                                                                        (revised 2014)

One thought on “Sleep

  1. emily Marie says:

    Sleep, this restless child avoids ,
    She wiggles her toes ,
    Eyes start to close then she rubs her nose,
    A gentle hand rubs her back,
    Sing me that song the restless child askes,
    Momma sing that song called “toil”
    Momma says, “oh you mean Come come ye saints?
    The toe wiggling child says,”yes that Song!”
    She sings , come Come ye saints no toil or labor fear, but with joy..,”
    So the gentle hand smooths the one eye eye open toe wiggling child’s hair off her for head,
    Avoiding sleep this child relax and eyes finally close to the sounds of a momma alto voice bearing witness to the labor, toil and night hours a mother keeps in answer to the call of mother hood!
    In her care this restless daughter sleeps.

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