ceritaThere was a time when I was
Satisfied with my life,
But that was before I had
All this time to wonder.

Would this or that have
Been better for our family,
For Roger, for me, Somehow—
Could I have seen more clearly?

Yes, there was a time when
I was satisfied with life,
But that was before
I had this time to wonder.

Cerita M. Hewett
July 20, 2015

The Present

CalendarHow elusive is this thing
Called “The Present,”
For it is relentlessly
Becoming The Past,

While The Future takes over
The Present.
We are counseled to live
In The Present,
We even counsel others to,
“Be present” in The Present.

Yet Today always becomes
Yesterday remembered,
And Tomorrow
Is already Today.

And Someday,
In Eternity,
Will be—will be a
Perfect memory!

                   Cerita M. Hewett
                      January 10, 2015