biking in the woodsMy knees have personalities,
I know it’s strange but true,
My Left Knee complains on biking hills,
My Right just pumps like new.

But when I sit and rest awhile,
My Left is loose and fine,
While Right Knee tightens up a bit,
And wants to be reclined.

I really like my knees,
In spite of personalities,
Because they still can ride a bike,
Drive a car and take hike!

Cerita M. Hewett
July 27, 2014

One thought on “Knees

  1. Susan Hendrickson says:

    Such a different poem than I thought it would be from the title. And so true. I thank my feet, ankles and legs every day for being there for me and carrying me on my jolly way. And even more I thank Virgils so I don’t have to push his wheelchair!

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