Red Birds at Breakfast

                 While we were eating a late breakfast,

                  And I mean a late breakfast because it was already

                  Ten-thirty in the morning,

                  Two lively red birds came to dine on seeds

                  Hidden in the winter rye outside our window.


                  Their glowing scarlet was highlighted in the

                  Bright green of the grass,

                  There was no camouflage

                  Possible for them.


                  We munched cold cereal,

                  And they pecked for ten long minutes,

                  Then they flitted off to the cedar.

                  How easily we observed their every detail

                  Of wing, and breast, and tail.


                  And yet today I mostly remember the

                  Delightful feeling of enjoying red birds

                  Yesterday, at breakfast.

                                                                                    Cerita M. Hewett

                                                                                    Feb. 25, 2013

                                                                                    Revised 2014