Macaroni and Young Chef

(My five year old grandson was making Macaroni and Cheese with his Dad and we sat down afterward to write this poem.  Sometimes you just can’t stop poetry from popping out!)



                                                        Cheesy – Easy

                                           Chewing, Stretching, Sliding

                                    It       is         drippy      and       sticky

                              But    I      like      it      every     day     anyway!

                                                                    by the Hewett Family

                                                                        March 2015 

Young Chef

Powdered cheese on the stovetop

Silver moon noodles on the floor

Milk spots on the counter

Finger prints on the bathroom door

Empty bowls on the table. . .

May I please have some more?    

                                   by Ed Hewett

                                   March 2015 

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