Home Alone At the Farm

                          Today I talked on the phone with Caroline twice,

                           A few minutes each time,

                           Her baby Sidney was starting Kindergarten,

                           A tender milestone in her family life.


                           I talked on the phone with Emily,

                           For a long time,

                           She is still losing about a pound a week,

                           Hooray for her!


                           I talked on the phone with Roger for about a minute,

                           He has the trailer loaded as he is

                           Bringing the big shed tin here,

                           To rebuild at the farm for storage.


                           I tried not to talk in person to the animals,

                           But alas, I talked to dancing bird dog Brandy,

                           She really had no news to report back,

                           Because the chickens are all still alive.


                                                                                                                        Cerita M. Hewett

                                                                                                                        August 7, 2013