The Artist

                          Needles Of Pine Tree With Ice Crystals                           The Artist sprinkled diamonds

                           Generously in our woods last night.

                           Each pine needle on the one foot trees,

                           And every bristle on the one hundred foot trees.

                           Amazingly He didn’t miss a single one,

                           As He tipped them individually with a silver sparkler,

                           Until the whole forest gleamed

                           Green and silver and

                           Radiated His light.


                           He did this all while

                           We slept warm and quiet,

                           Beneath a blue quilt,

                           And in the morning woke to a

                           World transfigured,

                           By His hand.


                           So shall it be one day,

                           When we shall rise


                                                                                       Cerita M. Hewett

                                                                                         February 2014