open cookbook. blank recipe book and food ingredients                           

      I wanted to eat the book                                             

              In one sitting,                                    

                     Swallow it whole like                     

                           Freshmen gulping goldfish,                  

                                     Huge bites largely unmasticated.                     

                But here I am mincing it,                                            

                       A little here, a little there,                                       

                                 Moment by moment.                                   

                                          Stealing an instant away from life,                                

                                                    Grasping delicate bits of time                                        

                                                               To chomp and chew small bites.                       

              Grinding out the bulk                                       

                       Until the juices flow,                                                    

                               Savoring the taste!                                                                           

                                                                                          Cerita M. Hewett