So Here I Am

Responding to family and suggestions from religious leaders, I am creating a facebook account and a blog. This will be an interesting journey for one who has lived three score and fifteen years. Since all that is posted on the internet seems to remain eternally, I will consider somewhat carefully what I post and yet I want to be true to my best self. Some of the pieces chosen were written long ago and some are recent.

A day without poetry is a sad day, yet I do not sit down  every day and read a volume of poetry. Rather I notice it as it occurs naturally around me in phrases of children, songs, hymns, books, magazines, and the speech that surrounds me. And yes, I do take time to read poetry along the way because I love its sound and how it helps me perceive the world around me more clearly.

I really do not consider myself to be a poet, rather someone who enjoys shortened text. If something I write turns out to be poetic that is a pleasant surprise! I write to record, to remember experiences, and to have the deeper meaning of these happenings exposed to view.  Looking back on what I have written through the years, the rich blessings received and the optimism of my life is quite evident.

My hope is that something here will bring a smile and will remind someone of the greatness and vitality of everyday life here on earth as children of a loving Heavenly Father. That we will all find greater joy as we we travel along together learning, laughing, crying, and appreciating the importance of our common Earth life and God given experiences.

Cerita M. Hewett                                                                      October 9, 2014