Weaving (For Lenae & Collin)

On this bright October Saturday,
Horns flashed,
Drums rap-a-tap tapped,
The light breeze carried music.

As if alive,
It rolled like a crimson sunset wave
Turned back upon itself,
Weaved in and out,
Stretched forward and backward.

Forward, backward, diagonal,
Playing and marching,
Spreading wings then folding them,
Swelling and ebbing as an ocean,
Unfurling flags in unison,
A stirring tapestry upon a green field.

Cerita M. Hewett
October 18, 2015

Swimming with Maggie / Nadando con Maggie

swimThe odd shaped pool was
Large enough for good swimming,
The water clear and cool,
Not cold,
We swam for thirty minutes,
Roger even dived a couple of times,
I also did a few
Aerobic exercises in the water.

Maggie said it made her
Feel like she was twenty,
It is true,
To feel twenty,
Just go swimming,
Everything seems to
Work right while in the water,
The joints, the muscles,
Even the brain and heart.

On land I am seventy,
But in the water,

Cerita M. Hewett
June 25, 2009




biking in the woodsMy knees have personalities,
I know it’s strange but true,
My Left Knee complains on biking hills,
My Right just pumps like new.

But when I sit and rest awhile,
My Left is loose and fine,
While Right Knee tightens up a bit,
And wants to be reclined.

I really like my knees,
In spite of personalities,
Because they still can ride a bike,
Drive a car and take hike!

Cerita M. Hewett
July 27, 2014


a softball field at night after a game with the lights on.

Rake lines now covered the infield
Like a newly harrowed farm field,
Lights glared down over
Un-run base paths and
Silent benches stood at attention.

Ten-thirty p.m.
The evening breeze kicked up a bit of powder
Near third base
Wafting it into left field.
My cooled face no longer
Dripped sweat.

Lakeview park was closed,
But I stood on the top bleacher
Savoring the victory
Looking out over a deserted
Brown and green

                                                                        Cerita M. Hewett
                                                                        (revised 2014)

Cobweb Sweeper (for Edward)

forest running                                    The runner who
                                    Sweeps the cobwebs,
                                    On the paths through the woods,
                                    Before the dawn comes,
                                    Is on vacation.

                                    So the feathery,
                                    Sticky lines,
                                    Hit my face as
                                    I walk through the daylight woods.

                                    I held a twiggy
                                    Branch aloft,
                                    In front of my face today,
                                    To clear them for myself.

                                    My how it changed
                                    My view of the woods.
                                    It was like looking,
                                    Through a cracked
                                    Window pane.

                                    Every vista fractured
                                    By scraggy lines.
                                    But then my face
                                    Was protected and free of webs.

                                     I will be glad when
                                    The dashing cobweb sweeper,
                                    Returns to the forest.

                                                               Cerita M. Hewett
                                                               July 2014
                                                               (revised October 2014)